Hyundai Brand Page

FIFA World Cup 2018

During the FIFA World Cup in 2018, LiveWall developed the brand page for Hyundai commissioned by Spotify. On this page you can browse in playlists based on different countries that are participating in the match, as well as historical World Cup inspired playlists.

This way Hyundai in Sweden wants to connect to the FIFA World Cup through music. The homepage of the website displays an overview of all the different playlists based on the participating countries in the FIFA World Cup. There is also a fun gallery consisting of playlists with tracks from former World Cup series.

Activation page
The website also has an activation page. On this page the visitor can log in with their own Spotify account. Based on the music that they're listening to, such as the artists and genres,  a match is made with a playlist of a coutry that fits with their personal taste. The visitor will receive this playlist immediately so they can listen to it and share it with their friends.

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