McFlurry slice game

What is your favourite topping?

It's the most popular ice cream served at McDonald's: the McFlurry! Together with McDonald's, LiveWall created and developed a fun and kinda addictive game around their McFlurry campaign.

The game
The McFlurry game can be played directly from the McDondald's app. In this game, players can 'slice' different toppings from the McFlurry to earn points. During the slicing, the toppings crumble and land on the McFlurry ice cream at the bottom of the screen. This represents the deliciousness of the McFlurry in a unique way. On a weekly basis, the players with the highest scores are rewarded with a large amount of McDonald's points. These points can be used for menus, coffee or other delicacies.

During the game, all the toppings of the McFlurry pop in and out of the screen. The player needs to slice every single item before it dissapears. Every player has 3 lives and loses a life every time a topping dissapears without being sliced. The player also needs to watch out for bombs because when a bomb gets hit, the game is over.

Promo video
LiveWall developed a short video for promotion of the game on social media channels. With this video, people get triggered to download the app, take part in the McFlurry game and get a chance to win free McFlurry for a whole year.

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