Graduation campaign 2019

Raise the flag and win 2 dream tickets!

With KLM's graduation campaign, KLM gives high school students the opportunity to not only digitally raise the flag, but also to win 2 dream tickets! After 2 super successful iterations in 2017 and 2018, the graduates of 2019 can also have a double celebration.

Travelers of the future
KLM's successful graduation campaign is focused on the youth, the KLM travelers of the future. The page has a mobile first focus and also consists largely of video content. Perfect for the short tension arc of the young target group. The KLM graduation campaign focuses on young people between the ages of 16 and 18 who have just graduated. KLM puts this target group in the spotlight and offers the opportunity to participate in the promotion with a playful, interactive mobile first design. The page comes to life through the many animations and personal approach of the youthful target group. 

Campaign flow
LiveWall has developed the campaign page in close collaboration with NEEW. Final exam candidates can sign up by virtually raising the flag, through a Google Streetview implementation. After going through the registration flow, there is the possibility to share the posted flag on social media. The graduated students have a chance to get hold of the tickets by hanging their school bag at the registered address on the flagpole. KLM sets off in the early morning after the results have been announced to congratulate the winners on their tickets and diploma.

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