Scan, pose and print

Stand-alone brand activation

Coca-Cola launched a new ad campaign in 2016 called “Taste the feeling”. In line with this campaign, Coca-Cola increased their focus on the festival sector. LiveWall contributes to this focus by developing a stand-alone brand activation that is located at dozens of popular festivals such as Mysteryland, Solar Festival and many more. 

Creative and innovative
This focus is based on the development of a creative, innovative and stand-alone brand activation that attracts attention and creates awareness for Coca-Cola. 

Scan, Pose & Print
LiveWall developed multiple life-sized interactive Coca-Cola bottles that are spread throughout the festival terrain. With these bottles, five brand activations are combined into one: event registration, photo activations, video activations, sampling and data collection.

LiveWall also deliver tens of thousands of Coca-Cola branded RFID bracelets. Coca-Cola ambassadors need these bracelets in order to participate. The activation flow is as follows:

1. Purchase a bottle of Coca-Cola - Visitors receive a RFID bracelet after purchasing one Coca-Cola.

2. Scan your bracelet - In order to activate the system, visitors are required to scan their RFID bracelet. 

3. Register - Fans register directly via social login or by submitting their email.

4. Pose & picture - Fun photos and videos are automatically generated and linked to unique participants.

5. Coupons - As a reward for participating, ambassadors receive a personalised and automatically generated coupon. These coupons include prices such as private helicopter trips, meet & greets or Coca-Cola samples.

6. Personal aftervideo - Participants receive a completely personalised and Coca-Cola branded aftervideo.

7. Coca-Cola ambassadors - As a result, tens of thousands of aftervideos have been posted, shared and liked online, resulting in a huge awareness boost for Coca-Cola during the summer festival season.  

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