Expeditie Robinson

A brand new register page

Are you a true Robinson?

For a second time in a row, non-celebrities could sign up for Expeditie Robinson. That is why LiveWall developed a webpage where enthousiasts could register for the biggest event of their lives!

LiveWall developed a webpage where contestants could participate in seven challenges. The challenges are for example: 'Hang On To A Dream' and 'Make Over Robinson'.

With every challenge, a contestant can upload a video that he or she made with total freedom of creativity. For every invidual challenge, there only will be one named as winner. This winner will participate in the expedition. Eventually 7 winners are selected to join Expeditie Robinson.

The page was visited a million times during the campaign and hundred of thousands of votes were submitted.

Travelbags is the center of the campaign because of the important role of their seven backpacks.

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