Spot the ball

Red Devils Game

McDonald's is happy to reward users of their app! That is why fun short games are added to the app at relevant times. LiveWall takes care of the concepting, campaign and development of these games. The spot the ball game enables users to have the chance to win tickets for a match of the Belgian football team the Red Devils.

The game starts when the first photo of a historic football moment appears. However, one small detail is missing, the ball is no longer shown in the photo. It is up to the user to guess from the photo where the ball is located. To make the game a bit more exciting, the user only gets five seconds for this. The combination of these two ensures that you want to play the game again and again.

McDonald's works with a loyalty program. This program ensures that you as a loyal customer can get discounts when there are enough points collected. In this new game it is possible for users to use loyalty points to get extra lives. This increases the chance of a ticket for a football match of the Belgian Red Devils.

There is a daily chance to win a free ticket for an epic game of the Red Devils (Belgian national football team). The winner is the person who ends in the top of the leaderboard. This way it is certain that players come to play again day after day. Users have to play around 10 times on average, which means more contact moments between McDonald's and its customers. This way we ensure more customer loyalty with a game.

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