Ziggo Dome sing in a bottle

Show your singing skills and win cool prizes

Do you hit the right note and you deserve a prize for that? In collaboration with Coca-Cola, LiveWall created brand awareness through live activation during concerts in Ziggo Dome.

Ziggo Dome is the business partner of Coca-Cola. The visitors of this venue were asked to sing along with their favorite artists in a specially designed glass room in a sing-generator. The songs that the visitors could sing along to, are shown on a big screen. On this screen the singers can see if they are hitting the right notes. When the right pitch is reached, the competitor collects points. The lightning is also connected to the singing. The louder the competitors sing, the more the bottle will light up.

The points were calculated after every sing-along battle and after that, there was a small hatch that opened in a large snackwall. Behind that hatch the winner could find Coca-Cola merchandise.

The sing-generator was used during concerts of Ariana Grande and thirty other artists in Ziggo Dome. The installation will be there for a couple of years.

LiveWall made the complete technical side of Sing-in-a-bottle possible. It all started with a concept in collaboration with stand builders and ended with the implementation of all hardware and software.

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