Party with Coca-Cola

A touring brand activation at major dutch music festivals

LiveWall is digital partner of Chase; a brand activation agency from Amsterdam. Collaborating with them, LiveWall created a traveling Coca-Cola karaoke-station. Come sing along!

LiveWall is involved in different brand activations of Coca-Cola as digital advisor and producer. After realising a couple of interactive brand activations in 2016 and 2017, the "This one is for" campaign is developed for Coca-Cola in 2018. In this theme the target audience is thanked for different scenarios like dancing in the rain, partying all night long or for the 90's.
In the theme of "This one is for singing like noboy's watching", LiveWall developed in collbaoration with Chase the Coca-Cola Karaoke.


In the summer of 2018 LiveWall traveled with Coca-Cola past different festivals in the Netherlands. A container is part of the activation on the festival. In this container is the ultimate party,  the thing that is hot and happening right now: karaoke.

How does it work
LiveWall has developed a mechanism to control the Karaoke activation. Teenagers press a Coca-Cola button and they'll see 20 album covers rotate on a big screen, all from artists that are playing at the festival.
When they stop rotating, there will be a song displayed on the screen and directly played through the sound system.

An MC chases the whole activation and challenges the teenagers to sing along as enthousiastic as possible. The lyrics of the track will be displayed on the screen as support

The container is closed off to so the outside world gets curious about the unique party where everyone is standing in line for. Through a mechanism , the MC can send out a livefeed to the screens at the outside of the container, so that passenges can watch the party for a couple of seconds.



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